Members, Visitors & Guests






Scarthingwell is delighted to offer an annual subscription which provides membership of Scarthingwell Golf Club and the opportunity to play the course at any time, subject to the usual booking arrangements. The Club’s Membership Committee organises a variety of competitions and provides handicaps under the support of the governing bodies. The flourishing Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Sections take pride in the warm welcome extended to new members and the extensive range of competitions, which include very popular mixed events. There is also a well-established Seniors’ Section, which meets each Wednesday, as well as a developing Juniors’ Section in which the parents of young golfers are encouraged to become involved. The Club also participates in competitions organised by the York Union and provided the President of the York Union in 2005.


The best way to appreciate all the facilities that Scarthingwell Golf Course has to offer is by becoming a member and enjoying full access to all weekly and periodic competitions as well as the range of social events.


Visitors & Guests


Visitors and guests of members are welcome on a ‘pay and play’ basis. All visitors must follow the Course Rules and Dress Code and the General Rules of Golf. All visitors are welcome to use the facilities in the Spikes Bar before and after their round of golf. For a list of ‘Golfers’ Do’s and Don’ts’ and Local Rules that apply to the course, please hit the ball link below to the ‘Course Rules’ page: