Scarthingwell Golf Academy



Welcome to the Academy – we offer a huge variety of sessions ranging from individual video lessons to complete game improvement packages. Our highly successful golf professional Tony Howarth is here to improve every aspect of your golf game. Tony will help you refine your game through personalised programmes resulting in simple, focused steps that golfers of any ability can take to improve your swing, strategy and ultimately, your score. To visit Tony’s website please click on the link below:


Our ‘Get Into Golf’ Programme


Step 1

Join our one hour golf taster session, designed especially for the complete golf beginner. Daytime or evening sessions available and no equipment is needed. £10 pp 


Step 2

Group lesson package for three weeks (max of 4 people per group). Lessons will be held in the academy studio or in the practice area. Players are encouraged to practice between lessons. All practice outside of lessons will be on the practice area, in the nets, on the putting green, chipping green or bunker area. This three week package is £45 pp.



Step 3

On completion of the first group lessons, you can continue with group lessons via a further 3 week course of lessons for only £45 per person. On completion of your second set of lessons, you will be given a Four Hole Golf Pass. This will allow you to play holes 1-4 on the academy course, playing off the academy tees for one month. Members can play after 3:30pm any day from April-Oct or after 1:30pm any day from Nov-March.


Following 2 sets of group lessons there are 3 available options to consider:


Step 4: Group Lessons

Continue with a three week course of group lessons and play four holes off the academy orange tees. Members can play after 3:30pm any day from April-Oct or after 1pm any day from November-March.


Step 5: Academy Membership

Join the Academy, £25 per year


Pay & Play 9 holes Golf

Play holes 1 to 9 from the orange tees for £10 for 9 holes. Members can play after 3:30pm any day from April-October or after 1:30pm any day from Nov-March.


Academy Course Membership

Play 9 holes from the orange tee for £360 per year (or £30 per month). Members can play after 3:30pm any day from April-October or after 1:30pm any day from November-March.


One Year Step-Up Membership

This option of a one year membership is available once only to people who wish to upgrade from academy tuition to becoming a member at Scarthingwell Golf Course and costs £575 pp. No course time restrictions. Club competitions may be entered. Following this one year membership upgrade, members can continue to be a member at Scarthingwell Golf Course.


Academy Get Togethers

All academy members have the opportunity to meet regularly, to get to know others and to play in our get togethers. Throughout the year, fun competitions are organised featuring both individual and team events. 



Clubs are available for those who do not have their own equipment. These can be collected and returned to the Golf Shop.