Scarthingwell Open Results 2018

  • September 14, 2018

Gents open Results from 13 September 2018



1st J Oakley/G Wood 45 Pts. £100 per pair
2nd M Wade/T Tristram 42 Pts. £80 per pair
3rd R Best/M Brennan 41Pts (24 back 9) £70 per pair
4th S Grant/S Hawkins 41 Pts. (20 back 9) £60 per pair
5th J Sharpe/P Jolliffe 40Pts. (21 back 9) £50 per pair
6th A Culloden/N Wood 40Pts. (20 back 9) £40 per pair

Nearest Pin 4th – D McMullen £15
Nearest pin 9th – A Fletcher £15
Nearest Pin 12th – D Joy £15
Longest drive 11th – R Best £15

All prize winners will be contacted early next week to arrange distribution of Vouchers

Many thanks to all of you who competed on the day, we hope you will come back next year and a special thanks to our Scarthingwell Ladies who provided a wonderful half way house.