Course Rules


Safety Rules

Please take the time to review the course rules: we have an enviable safety record and we would like to keep it that way – for your sake as well as ours!

  1. Greens staff working on the course must be given priority at all times and must not be approached whilst any machinery or equipment is in operation.
  2. In the event of an electric storm, golfers must immediately leave the course.
  3. Golfers must not tee off or continue play in fog when they cannot see the clear distance of their intended shot.
  4. Golfers must check and ensure they wear appropriate footwear to meet the conditions prevailing on the course at all times.
  5. Golfers must report all accidents / dangerous occurrences which happen on the golf course during play to an official or employee of the club.
  6. All buggy users must use the pathways provided and remain on the designated route at all times.
  7. Golfers should not venture into dykes to retrieve golf balls.
  8. Mobile telephones are banned on the golf course but they can be used to summon emergency medical assistance.
  9. When playing the 6th and 10th holes, consideration should be given to the close proximity of the 5th and 16th greens respectively.

General Information

  1. First Aid assistance is available within the Clubhouse – contact Eileen Moore or Kathy Pick.
  2. For evacuation purposes, the Emergency Assembly Point is located in the main car park.
  3. Golfers playing the 10th hole should not tee-off until the notification bell located on right of the fairway has been sounded or they have visibly checked for clearance. On all other holes, golfers should not tee off until they have visibly checked for clearance.

Do’s And Don’ts

In order to ensure that everyone at Scarthingwell enjoys their golf, please observe the following simple rules:


Timing and Speed of Play

  • All players must, on all occasions of playing, report to the pro shop before proceeding on to the course.
  • All players must observe the Dress Code.
  • Each player must have his/her own bag and clubs.
  • Trolleys must be kept off tees, outside the greenside bunkers and off the verges of the green.
  • Players should repair all pitch marks, replace divots and smooth out marks in bunkers.
  • Rakes must be replaced on stands or within confines of the bunker.
  • Play from white competition tees is restricted to official club competitions only unless by prior arrangement with the management.
  • If players are behind schedule and are holding up other players, they must allow them to play through.
  • Always walk straight to your own ball and be ready to play as soon as it is your turn and the way ahead is clear.
  • Bags or trolleys should be placed on the side of the green from which the player intends to leave.
  • Scorecards should be marked on the next tee, not on the green.
  • Pay particular attention to Section 1 of the Rules of Golf regarding etiquette and allowing others to play through.
The management reserves the right to insist that anyone not complying with these rules leaves the course.